Selling with Potomack

At The Potomack Company our goal is simple: to help you realize the true value of your property with high-level expertise and customer service. To achieve this goal, we offer three ways to sell your property: Consignment for Auction, Estate Sales and Purchase of Estates.

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Consigning to Our Auctions

1. Evaluation

The first step is to arrange a complimentary consultation. You may arrange an appointment in our gallery, complete our Request an Estimate form, or schedule a meeting with one of our representatives at your home. We will evaluate your property and promptly provide a preliminary estimate of its value.

Request an Estimate

2. Sell

Upon consignment of your property, you will sign a consignment contract and decide whether you should set a minimum or ‘reserve’ price. We will then take in the property to catalogue and photograph. You may bring the property to us or we can help you arrange for shipping to our gallery.

3. Settlement

After the sale, you will receive an accounting that lists the final hammer price for each item sold. We will send you payment (the hammer price less the seller’s commission and agreed-upon expenses) within 30 days of the sale of the property, provided we have received payment from the buyer.

NICOLAS GHIKA, GREEK 1906-1994, GARDEN ON HYDRA, 1948, Oil on board.

Trusts and Estates

Our clients include financial managers and executors who are responsible for the dispersal of collections and estates. We are happy to provide our clients with the most efficient means of liquidating their estates.

In addition we provide on-site liquidation of entire estates, including real estate.

We can also arrange for private sales, for transactions for items that realize their greatest value in such a venue or that require discretion in their sale.

Finally, we purchase entire estates from owners seeking a quick and convenient disposition of their property.


Contact a Representative

Please contact us to discuss estate liquidation.